Physical closeness:
Immersive play through the senses: almost complete loss of self-awareness, exploring immediate internal processes: Intense engagement with a body, problematizing the body, performing the body: Endurance (intense focus on a body in crisis): Intense awareness of (an other's) physical presence, by direct engagement or confrontation:

Physical and emotional distance:
Masking the performing body: using the body as projection surface or gesturally expressive tool: Presence and absence: interplay and fusion between a performer's or participant's physical presence and a perceived reality (projected image or sound): Body and location: awareness of one's presence in a particular location, or awareness of being dis-located: Observing or listening to external systems in action (surrogate life, real-time simulations), less physical involvement:

Self-awareness of perceptive processes:
Observing one's internal processes, externalised in realtime via visual and/or audial means: Self-observation feeds back into improvisation, opening possibilities for change: Observing one's awareness of listening: Awareness of the illusion of consciousness and the limitations of perception:

Intersubjective communication:
Observing one's non-verbal communication (affect, gestures) Social play, physical interaction, communication, exploring through the senses, playing in groups: Reconstructing social hierarchies: