Ed Tannenbaum
Brief description of the work:
Interactive video installation that tracks participants' silhouettes
Materials, dimensions, duration:
Recollections III can be installed two basic ways; utilizing either front projection or rear projection. Both require a darkened space, but with the front projection system it is especially critical. The front projection system is 12 feet wide by 13.5 feet deep. Rear projection requires a total floor space of 26 feet by 12 feet. These measurements are based on a 12 foot square participation area and a 6 foot by 8 foot screen. Larger sizes are also possible (Tannenbaum online)
Location (venue & dates, public/ private):
Recollections IV (Recollections III, 1981-97) is installed in many science or art museums in Europe and the US.
Audience information (size, mode of participation):
An interactive video installation that invites the participant to move in front of a large video projection screen. As the person moves, the image is recorded by a video camera and passed on to a computer with special image processing capabilities. The person's silhouette or outline is extracted, assigned a color based on the instant that it was recorded, and projected onto the screen. Over time the images build up, creating a painting based on the movement. (Tannenbaum online)
Other information (reviews, collaborators, funders):
Floorplan, scheme:
Visual/ audio-visual reference:
Key theme(s):
Social play; immersive play; observing one's non-verbal communication; interplay and fusion between a participant's physical presence and a perceived reality (projected image)
Further context:
Like Videoplace, Mnemonic Present or Space, Re-collections erases the borders between past and present by overlaying the live image with stored past images. The passing of time becomes visible.