Live coding performances
Brief description of the work:
Live coding of sound and images, generated live using digital signal processing
Materials, dimensions, duration:
Group of artists and programmers who develop open source code for live coding, examples include 'chuck' software.
Location (venue & dates, public/ private):
Numerous international performances, for example 7th February 2005 Club Transmediale, Club Maria, Berlin, with 10 members of Toplap. Toplap also give demonstrations and workshops, for example at the Transmediale 2004
Audience information (size, mode of participation):
Traditional audience setting for the presentation, seated or standing audience in club environment.
Other information (reviews, collaborators, funders):
Floorplan, scheme:
Toplap presentation at Transmediale 2004
Visual/ audio-visual reference:
live coding session at Sonar festival, Barcelona, 2002
"Hacking Sound"
Key theme(s):
Observing and listening to systems in action
Further context:


1min clip from 'live.mp3'


further online sound and image files

Live coding places the agency even further in the performer's domain than generative art. Toplap make the distiction between generative sound and live coding as follows: "generative music is created from algorithms, usually running autonomously. There may be controls (parameters/ arguments) to this process but the algorithm itself is fixed. Live coding is a way to substantially modify the actual nature of that algorithm, even as it calculates, in a realtime performance." (Toplap online)