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Biofeedback Lounger

Biofeedback Lounger at Bristol Festival of Nature

Biofeedback Lounger at Bristol Festival of Nature

In 2010, I recomposed some of the Excitations sounds for use in a biofeedback lounger that was exhibited at the Bristol Festival of Nature. Festival visitors could relax in the chair whilst listening to a sonification of their stress levels.

Maybe the sunny weather played its part, but sitting in the lounger was certainly popular. It sparked off many interesting conversations about biofeedback applications, their use in research and their potential health benefits. Some participants asked whether they could buy the biofeedback application.


biofeedback lounger poster

The sensors are built into the arm rest of the chair. Participants are invited to sit back, put on some headphones and place their hand on the sensor. A brief calibration is performed before the sounds start to play.