Environmental Sound, Sonic Art, Physical Computing, Performance

Creative Practice in Date Order:

Environmental Sound, Sonic Art, Physical Computing, Performance

Cymbale. Sound composition (2018-2020). Selected for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival July 2021

Splice Institute 2021. Selected to participate in a week-long, intensive summer program for performers, composers, and composer-performers interested in music that combines live performance and electronics. June 28-July 2, 2021

Sonic ArtLab - Sonic Art Compositions by Students at UWE Bristol. Online compilation, (Sonic ArtLab) on SoundCloud 2010-2020.
Related paper: Palmer M. (2017), Revisiting Site-related Sonic Practices. Paper presented at Sounding Out the Space Dublin 2017

Gandharam, Lullaby for Max Mathews (2015). Composition for flute and electronic media in stereo, performed live on 26.09.2015 at the 41st International Computer Music Conference in Denton, TX. Composer: Michaela Palmer. Flute: Rachel Woolf

Severn Sounds Player. Real-time data visualisation and sonification artefact (2013-2015). Exhibited at the International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Groningen, The Netherlands 2013.
Related paper: Palmer, M., & Jones, O. (2017), Arts and Humanities Perspectives in Studying Intertidal Areas. Presented at International Interdisciplinary Workshop "Between the Tides", Groningen, The Netherlands, 2017

Sedimentsonority. Pilot study (2012), presented at Land Water : Image Conference, Plymouth, 2012.
Related paper: Palmer, M. & Jones, O. (2015). Further towards sonifications of elemental ecological systems/relationships: Salt marsh ecology experiments in temporal immersion and exchange; paper presented at RGS-IBG Annual International Conference Exeter 2015

The Breath of the Moon: Listening to tidal rhythms in the Severn Estuary. Sonification artefact (2010). Exhibited at Bristol Festival of Nature 2010 and 2012.
Related papers: Palmer, M. (2011). On Breathing and Geography: Sonifying the Severn as Shared Generative Art Practice, presented at ISEA2011 Istanbul, The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art.
Palmer, M., & Jones, O. (2014). On breathing and geography: Explorations of data sonifications of timespace processes with illustrating examples from a tidally dynamic landscape (Severn Estuary, UK). Environment and Planning A, 46(1), 222-240 https://doi.org/10.1068/a45264

Gestures/Textures. Four compositional studies in surround sound (2014), on SoundCloud (stereo). With special thanks to Javier Garavaglia

Sonic Severn - Soundscapes, Sonifications and Compositions by Staff & Students at UWE Bristol and CCRI. Online collection (www.sonicsevern.co.uk), 2010-2012. Exhibited at the Bristol Festival of Nature 2012

Affective Pong Game. Biofeedback game (2011-17). Research collaboration with Mark Palmer and Lon Barfield.
Related paper: Palmer M., & Palmer, M. (2017). Putting the Player in the Picture; Biofeedback and Embodied Affect, presented at Sounding Out the Space conference, Dublin 2017

Biofeedback Lounger (2010), exhibited at Bristol Festival of Nature 2010

Excitations. Biofeedback performance and composition (2005 - 2009). Exhibited at: Fresh! Festival 2005 (South Hill Park Arts Centre), PARIP International Conference Leeds 2005, East End Collaborations London 2005, e-Performance and Plug-ins Conference Sydney 2005; Time, Flesh and Nerve event London 2006, Florida Electro-Acoustic Music Festival 2008, DigiCult Bristol, 2011.
Related papers: Reiser, M (2010) "Listening to the body's excitations", in 'Performance Research', Volume 15, No. 3 (Sept 2010)
Reiser, M (2006) "Learning to play the instrument: how to encourage improvisation in interactive environments", peer-reviewed conference paper, Mindplay Conference, London

Digital Dancing, dance technology workshops in Colchester and Epping. A collaboration with choreographer Claire Keating, at the invitation of Essexdance, 2004.

Livespace. Responsive audiovisual installation in collaboration with Lucie Hernandez, Jane Vippond, Carl Rohumaa and Alex Schembri. Exhibited at Watermans Art Gallery, London, 2003