Environmental Sound, Sonic Art, Physical Computing, Performance

Sonic ArtLab

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Sonic ArtLab on Soundcloud. Experimental soundscapes and compositions by Music Technology students at UWE Bristol.

Sonic ArtLab is a collection of experimental sonic art studies and compositions by UWE Bristol final year students on the BSc Audio & Music Technology and the BSC Creative Music Technology programmes. The work was composed for my Sonic Art classes.

The compositional challenge given to the students was to create a 5-minute piece without rhythm or harmony, focusing instead on the internal characteristics of sounds and how these might be explored through compositional innovation and use of sound manipulation techniques.

Sonic ArtLab is thematically organised in number of playlists:

This online repository of work summarises my teaching in creative sound design and sonic art between 2010 and 2020. Related paper: Palmer M. (2017), Revisiting Site-related Sonic Practices. Paper presented at Sounding Out the Space Dublin 2017

Examples from Sonic ArtLab