Environmental Sound, Sonic Art, Physical Computing, Performance

Sonic Severn

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www.sonicsevern.co.uk. Soundscapes, sonifications and compositions by staff & students at UWE and CCRI.

Sonic Severn (www.sonicsevern.co.uk) is a collection of sonic materials inspired by Severn Estuary phenomena. The site is an open invitation to everyone who lives near or cares for the Severn Estuary to listen and discover the rhythms of this rich intertidal landscape. There are many unique tide-specific phenomena and rhythms that deserve public awareness that it could easily take a life-time of listening, researching and composing to make them all heard.

Sonic Severn has been created by Michaela Palmer and Owain Jones in an interdisciplinary research collaboration at the UWE Bristol, UK. Between 2010-2012 Michaela and Owain worked on the sonification of the extraordinary tidal rhythms of the Severn Estuary, in order to bring to public and political attention the very rich ecological and cultural heritages of this estuary, as well as the threats it faces.

Sonic Severn was exhibited at the Bristol Festival of Nature 2012.

Examples from Sonic Severn