This database is part of the contextual review that accompanies ‘Listening to the mind at play – sonified biofeedback as generative art practice and theory’, a PhD by creative practice and thesis. For the purpose of this research, the notion of a ‘generative’ practice was defined as one that allows responsive feedback between at least two equal partners: one player who ‘improvises’ and a partner (another player or a system) that observes the player and responds. Most importantly, the outcome of the shared improvisation cannot be predicted.

The database introduces a number of artworks that were identified as the wider artistic context of a practice that works with an experiencing body, biofeedback technology and responsive sound spaces ('Contextual map'). However, such a practice does not easily fit into existing art historical strands as it contains many inter-disciplinary elements; therefore a timeline or classification by technology employed would not be helpful. Instead, the entries can be accessed through a range of structuring filters: general filters ('Artwork A-Z', 'Artists A-Z', 'Visual Reference' and search) as well as specific ones:  'Social setting' focuses on the socio-cultural context of the work, 'Audience participation' on the role of the audience, 'Key content’ draws out some of the artists' key concerns, ‘Research process’ reveals how the artworks were experienced by the researcher. 'Generative process' finally defines kinds of generative processes and connects them with the artworks. There is no hierarchy between the filters, they were merely used to draw out particular research angles.

In order to limit errors and misrepresentation of artworks, artist's quotes were used wherever possible. At the time of its compilation (November 2006 - February 2007) all external links to video, sound and other web based material were fully working, however it is in the nature of materials published online that such links can depreciate over time.